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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
By Dawn Fry Photo
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Lago Vista is one of my favorite small towns near Austin. It's close enough that you can easily drive into the "big city" but also far enough out that you feel like you are getting away from it all. It also maintains that "small town" feel even though it is growing at a crazy rate. I love it when Lago Vista High School seniors come to me for senior portraits! They are always such interesting people with unique interests and personalities. 


Jacquelyn is just that - unique and interesting. I was so blessed to have her on my DFP Spokesmodel team for the class of 2018! She was a great addition to the group, and was so fun to be around at the shoots and events. 

We started out in Georgetown on the square to bring that LV small town feel to her senior photos. 

Jacquelyn was, at the time of her session, studying to be a pilot, so it only made sense that we had to do something at the airport! I was positively giddy when she told me we could do part of her shoot at the Georgetown Municipal Airport with one of the planes. 

And I think my photographer's heart exploded when she asked if we could do some parachute dress shots as well! It was a fabulous day!

Sending a big THANK YOU to all those who helped with this session! I couldn't have done it without you!


Hair and Makeup by Blush You Inc.

Assistance by Jacquelyn's mom, bff, and my sweet friend Dianna Schisser of Dianna Schisser Photography

Saturday, September 08, 2018
By Dawn Fry Photo
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I photographed way more guys this year than I normally do. I think it's AWESOME! I love, love, love when guys want senior pictures! (or when their moms talk them into it! lol) It's so fun to see the relationship of a boy and his momma, and being a mom of two younger boys myself, it helps me to know that there is a good chance mine will be just as sweet, caring, and endearing with me some day. Allow me to introduce you to Allen. 

I have to admit I am slightly partial to redheads. I am not sure why, but I have always enjoyed their personalities - especially the boys. There is something about those freckles though...


I loved watching him play his guitar. 

After a couple of outfits at the Austin capitol, we headed over to one of my favorite parks for some nature shots. Allen loves being outdoors, so this was the perfect spot for his senior photos. We captured several outfits - including his Aggie maroon, his Cedar Park High School letterman, and of course, Hawaiian shirts and a baseball cap. Allen played football for Cedar Park, so we made sure to get some senior pics representing that as well. 

I love it when high school seniors want photos in contrasting locations. It's fun to do senior sessions downtown and also in a park. Or combining urban senior photos with a water session. It really helps to create an album of images that is diverse and personal to the senior's personality. Photographing a senior in their favorite places creates a fantastic memory. And best of all, I love it when mom jumps in for a couple of photos with her senior. That makes the whole thing even more special. 

Thanks Allen for trusting me with your senior photos! It was a pleasure serving you. 

Friday, August 24, 2018
By Dawn Fry Photo
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All my senior sessions are special to me, but sometimes one comes along and you just know it's going to be memorable. My session with Round Rock High School Senior, Trent, was one such session. 

Allow me to introduce you! Trent's love for bowling brought us to the local bowling alley for the first part of his session. I'd like to send a big thank you to Spare Time Texas, who was kind enough to allow us to take up a couple of lanes for this event. They made sure we had anything we needed, and they were all super kind and friendly. 

After a quick shoot there, we headed out to a local park to photograph Trent and his many interests. Trent is a cowboy at heart, so the homestead at Katherine Fleischer Park was the perfect backdrop for his outfit.

We then moved on to show his love for sports. Can you believe how many medals he has?? I just loved seeing all that he's accomplished. He's a Superman!!

Trent is now attending the best college in the land, UT! His family is so proud. I bet he is taking over the campus with his amazing energy and charm. Hook 'em!

My favorite part of his senior session though, was when he changed into his suit. Looking sharp, we talked about prom, all his girlfriends, and going to his favorite place, Disney World. He's such a cutie!

Anyone who loves bowties that much has got to be a pretty great guy, right? What a blessing to get to know this amazing family. Thank you, Trent, for showing me your authentic smile and allowing me the privilege of capturing it. 

You are one super cool guy. 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
By Dawn Fry Photo
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Brittany is a competitive swimmer and all around gorgeous girl inside and out. At her pre-session design consultation, we discussed everything from locations to outfits and more. It was vital to incorporate her love of water into her senior photo session. We also wanted to show off her beauty and personality, so we chose to photograph her first in the cute little square in Georgetown, TX, and hit some of the more popular spots there. 

The red brick wall really complimented her coloring and that darling little black dress! 

It wouldn't be a proper senior session in Georgetown if we didn't visit the famous blue door at The Union on Eighth!

To compliment the gorgeous small town images from Georgetown, we then headed over to one of my favorite spots for water sessions. It has a beautiful park area with green grass and trees most of the year, as well as some incredible rock sides to the creek that are perfect for photos. 

My favorite part though, is always when we are ready to get in the water! Most of my clients are surprised when I go all in, shoes and everything, to get those all important shots. Trust me, it pays off. Just look at Brittany!

Brittany was definitely most happy in the water. It's her second home. And I loved capturing that for her. 

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Thursday, July 05, 2018
By Dawn Fry Photo
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It's SUMMER! Time to start thinking about Senior Portraits!

Summer is a time to relax, travel, sleep in, and do all the things you didn't have time for during the school year. I hope you have been enjoying your time so far. Can you believe it's JULY already?!?! 

If you are in the LISD district, that means your summer is almost over! :( It's time to start getting organized for fall. Marching band will start soon, sports practices are starting, and soon enough, you will be back to the grind. It's time to start making your senior year list and getting things planned and organized. 

Here's some good news!


Dawn Fry Photo is offering a super awesome summer special!! I've never done this before, but I know that with school starting almost 2 weeks earlier this year, your time is limited. So, in an effort to help you check off your list, DFP is now offering Petite Studio Portrait Sessions!!

Petite Studio Portrait Sessions are a short, easy session in our Cedar Park studio (with air conditioning!!!) that are perfect for the busy senior. Petite Studio Senior Sessions are available Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm (by appointment), and are 30 minutes inside with 2-3 backdrops and 3 outfits, plus 10 minutes outside on the property to get some environmental images as well. They are PERFECT for those who are short on time and want to get their senior photos done before school starts, and not melt in our Texas heat!

You and your parent can enjoy the comforts of the studio with complimentary snacks and beverages while you get amazing senior pics, and it's all done in less than an hour. How easy is that?!?

And the best part...


These sessions will be offered in the fall for $95. But from now until August 15th, 2018, Petite Studio Sessions are FREE! 

The fine print...

A $300 reservation fee is required to book your session and hold your date. This fee will be applied to your print and product purchase. Print and product packages start at $595. Please contact Dawn with any questions regarding availability and pricing BEFORE you make your reservation. 


Same day Viewing and Ordering sessions are available as well - Please let Dawn know before your senior session if you would like to take advantage of this offer. 

Enjoy your summer and get the important stuff checked off your list! DFP is here to make your senior photos super easy and FUN!